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Focus Berlin

Full potential, full responsibility

We broker investment properties of all kinds and from every era – from listed historical buildings and metropolitan high-rise estates to modern buildings.

Amongst all this diversity, we have a special passion for the abundance of old building fabric in our city, which we consider an important cultural asset.

We never cease to be fascinated by the gracious architecture, the visible passion for detail, the elegance and charm of Wilhelminian apartment buildings, of historicism and art nouveau.

If our work can help to preserve and protect such buildings, it is a cause for joy and pride.

A fond example from our own experience:

History and culture is born where people live. Such was also the case with the striking house at the corner of Wilmersdorfer Strasse 98/99 and Sybelstrasse 9 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Before the Second World War, the building had housed the music school led by the well-known composer Friedrich Hollaender. Among other things, Hollaender wrote the music and lyrics for the film ‘The Blue Angel’, which marked Marlene Dietrich’s international breakthrough in 1929. The song ‘Falling in love again’, written by Hollaender and sung in the movie by Dietrich, became an international hit. The building was a familiar sight to many Berliners in later years, mainly because the Charlottenburg health department had its offices here. In 2004 we were commissioned by the state of Berlin, who then owned the property, to sell the house. There was a bidding process, and ultimately a married couple from Berlin had their own personal ‘Immomente’ dream come true...